Sad or what!


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Couldn't go out to play yesterday - family duties, so spent 9 hours driving from gatwick - swanage - gatwick - norwich.

To pass the time I usually count caravans, this time, I tried cycles with wheels on the road, and cycles on the back of cars.

66 on road

24 1/2 in transit - the half was a folding bike, and counts in the same way as those origami caravans some people have!!

sorry chaps

rich p

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Pretty sad! Have you thought about getting a radio:biggrin:


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When I'm on a longish drive alone I work my way throught the alphabet. I've got to see them in order though I, O and Q are difficult I use 1 and 0 missing Q altogether.
Really sad or what:headshake:?


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I was counting bikes today on my ride... it started really well and then tailed off as I went south of the river into Brislington, about 48, with most of the 48 being in the first half of the 6 miles. After that I forgot for the rest of the day.
(*cue laughs*)
What I used to do, in the early 2000's, on a long drive.

Count all the cars that had a 'Z' in the (new-style) number plate. And compare with all the cars that didn't. Ignoring old plates.

Remember that until 2001 'Z' was only used in Northern Ireland plates, not in mainland GB.

Having reckoned up my totals, I'd compare it with the statistical average (about 12%, assuming random distribution and remembering that 'I' and 'Q' are not used but 'O' is).

I seem to recall that I found the incidence of 'Z's was slightly above the expected level, for which I couldn't account.
Definitely needs a ":blush:"....
guitarpete247 said:
Q is used but only as "Questionable year" such as a kit car or a re-registered import.
Only in old-format numbers of the form "Q nnn XXX". Not in new numbers of the format "AA nn XXX". You see, I'm even sadder...!


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A game that will become increasingly difficult as old reg cars phase out is counting up the number part. So you have to look for a car with just 1 in the reg. Then you can look for 2, and then 3 etc. You can't count a higher number until it's its turn.

It can go on for years, I think I made it into 3 figures before giving up/forgetting.


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as a hubgear fan, I find myself looking at the back of every bike to see if it has one - on the street, in bikeshops,on the net, in catalogues...if it does, it gets my interest and I look at the rest of it, otherwise not.
Helly79 said:
hee hee I use to play a car game where if you saw a yellow car you had to punch the person next to you ROFL
Didn't that kid in The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time use to do that? Saddo indeed!
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