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I realise that saddles are a personal thing, but what's peoples general opinion on cut out saddles. I use a Selle Italia SLR XP on my best bike, which seems to be flexing more than it used to, and the Fizik Pave on my Bianchi is too soft for me.

Thinking of changing both - could go with SLR XP again, but considering one of the 2007 Gel Flow models with the cut out, either Flite or SLR Gel Flow. Anyone any experience of making a similar swith?

Also, I've been told that Selle Italia are doing a "try for 30 days, bring it back if not satisfied" on the Gel Flow models - anyone tried taking them up on this? Any hidden T&C's?


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I have a SLR Gel Flow and can confirm that it is a very comfortable perch.


I've got a San marco something or other and made my own cut out version of it with the help of a dremel....I'm gonna post pictures one day !


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I currently have a Specialized Alias which has a cut out. It seems like a nice saddle but I think I need the narrower version (I have the 143mm) as it's rubbing against my inner thigh, and I find myself sitting on the nose of it most of the time.
I'm considering splashing out on either the Fizik Arione or 130mm Toupe. I can't decide though!:biggrin:
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