Saddle/wedge bag recommendations please.


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Having had my bikes, together with bags stolen I have now replaced the bikes and am in the market for 1 or 2 bags.
One bike is Road & one hard tail.
I want a decent size (whatever that is)
I supposed I could have just the one bag..........providing it's easy to remove/replace. All I would need to swap is the innertube.
Ihave seen one advertised called the Cambridge 2 Ltr which has velcro straps so can be interchanged.
I like the ones with "quick release" fixings but.........unless I can purchase extra "female" parts would then need 2 bags.
Any ideas please.

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Topeak Med Aero Wedge gets my vote - which I use for both MTB and road bikes

And a spare bracket makes swapping between bikes a 2 second job


+1 for Topeak Wedge, medium carries all the roadside necessities. I use the version with the straps that loop over the saddle rails as opposed to the click-fit version which needs a bracket on the saddle. Just as easy to remove too.
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