I'm looking at a new saddle, but I'm stuck.
There are so many options, I could go for a Fizik, but I need to know if I'm a Bull, Python or Sea Otter. Or there are Selle Italia, Selle SMP and Selle San Marco, or Specialized...and then there are more.

How did you pick your saddle, and how did you make that choice?


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goto fizik website , you can enter your flexibilty and preferred ride style as a guessimate of what saddle to buy .
Generally the more aero you ride the flatter you want the saddle but sit bone width can play a factor as well


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I chose most recently on the base of colour to match the bike, right width after specialized sit bone measuring but it's really quite uncomfortable! I'd change it if I could get something else in the same colour, but such doesn't seem to exist!


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Just get a Brooks and get used to them. :whistle:.................................................................I've got 5.:becool:


I have a Fizik Alliante that came stock on the best bike. It's very nice indeed and seems to suit me fine, so I got lucky there. :smile:

I wouldn't go touring on it though. I'm thinking of trying a Brooks cambium on the CX as it will get used as a tourer.


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Although one of these

at £590 might be pushing it a bit (2007 Limited edition with numbered certificate of authenticity)

I paid £200 for my 2005 LE and mine is used not like a lot of them which went onto 'Exhibition' bikes which don't get ridden. ( I will confess to being a bit pi55ed off to find that the Swallow later went back into general production and are not as 'rare' now as the limited editions were supposed to be)


There's an assumption made on threads like this that a good saddle must be either hard to find or expensive (or both). That doesn't have to be the case. I bought a £14 gel saddle off Ebay and it does everything I'd want a saddle to do. It's comfortable and can be left out in all weathers (unlike a Brooks). I've done several 100 mile trips on it and many circa 40 mile rides. Last time I was in Wilco's I saw the exact same saddle for £13. I know that Sir Bradley wouldn't be seen dead on it, but I don't care. The downside is that you have to come up with your own stylish Italian name - I'm thinking Mejor Silla Del Mundo. I don't know if that means anything, but it sounds good!
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