I've got San Marco Regal saddles on all my bikes and find them really comfortable, however on the bike I use for timetrials, I have the nose tipped down slightly to maintain comfort, but with effort, I feel myself slipping forwards on the saddle and I keep pushing myself back every few hundred yards.

I'm tinkering with saddle tilt, and going to swap my seat post with one that has the fore/aft adjustment bolts, so I can fine tune.

Also wondered if I should just move the saddle forward a cm to where I seem to be sliding to. I do have a fast forward seat post as well that does position me a lot further over the BB, but is quite extreme and doesn't look very aesthetic.

And also wondered if one of the twin nose timetrial saddles would help to get a good stable position.

If anybody has been down this tinkering route, would be good to hear of any successes.
You probably have the perfect solution by now but just to let you know what works for me I will give you the winning formula which has served me well:
  • Set the height of the saddle so that that your heel just takes the weight of your leg when it is on the pedal is at its lowest point.
  • Set the fore-and-aft position of the saddle so that your shin is verticle when the pedal is at its farthest forward and your foot is in the normal pedalling position.
It can take some fiddling to get both these criteria fulfilled but worth the time spent. When you have done this you can work out the length of the handlebar extension you need. To do this, put the point of your elbow on the point of your saddle and stretch your forearm with fingers fully extended towards the centre of your handlebars. Add ten centimetres to the farthest extent of your fingers and that should be the centre point of your handlebars.

This formula takes into account that everyone's body is different. I happen to have long arms and long feet for my height so this procedure has strongly influenced my choice of crank length and extension. I also know other riders with very different proportions from mine who have found this a successful approach.

Here's to thousands of comfortable kilometres.
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I have tried quite a few saddles on my bikes and so far, I found that the most comfortable is one I bought from Aldi under £10. It is slightly padded and I tilt it forward a bit to relieve the pressure on the prostate area. It seems to be working.
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