Sarn Helen experiences?


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Done a bit of searching but after some more info. Anyone here done the sarn Helen route as published in that little guide thingy. Specifically the northern 2 days worth. Just wondering what the going is like. Alright the bit by Llyn Colwyd is a touch bumpy but after that the bits I know are more suitable for my Kaffenbach than a MTB. Intend to ignore the Bwlch Y Groes bit as I know from frequent experience that it's not a nice cycle but an over grown carry. Got several alternatives. I don't know the bit from Penmachno to Festiniog or onwards to Dolgellau. You comments please.
Also has anyone come across a website showing the real Sarn Helen marked. I know that in places the old route is not indicated on the map but the published route ignore accuracy considerably and I was thinking about a route that more true to the old way. Maybe a historical website?


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Beside the road
I'm thinking of riding this route later on in the year. I'd apprechiate any comments / suggestions you have on about the route.
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