SatMap Active vs MultiMap vs Etrex 20 GPS's


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Thinking of doing a solo trans-cambria over three days next month. Ideally I'd like 1:25000 mapping as I'm a field boundary kind of guy (and the offical IMBA maps whilst showing the route accurately are on old out-of-date mapping

My Etrex Vista HCx with OpenCycleMaps won't cut it in the wilds of Wales

Anyone got any experience of the pro's & con's of the devices listed in the title when used off road in the hills with Ordnance Survey maps on the memory cards? (ideally at 1:25000)
what about using your etrex with the free map - british maps with contours os50 of the internet - sure someone will supply link or you can google it i would think it shows most paths ( it does for my area ) for what you want


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Neither... I have the memory map 3500 from my hikeing days and that is now mounted on my steed . Oh and it has took me up snowdon 8 times in the past 2 years and all over the pennines. its a quality bit of kit but new still around 350 notes
Hi Greg, I have been using a Satmap active for a few years now, only gripes I have with it is that sometimes it take ages to lock on to the Satellites and in some light conditions it can be hard to read when I have it clamped on to the handlebars, but that might be my old eyes. As to accuracy, well of all the GPS i have used i find it the best, with accuracy being such it will show when I cross the road from one side or the other. I guess the average accuracy is about 6 Mts, but often 1 Mtr.
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