School Hols etc

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West Midlands
So it seems that the quieter the roads the more incidents you have.
3 last night and 1 this morning total of 7 this week.

Some stupid woman in a small car told me to think as I was turning left on an island and she was overtaking at the junction pretty much forcing me to the kerb. Seems that people want you out the way asap.

Roll on the busier roads.


I was just thinking how quiet its been over the past week or two.

The reduction in the number of people carrier barges and 4X4s carrying the new Messiah to school seems to have made the roads safer in my neck of the woods! :ohmy:


It is all a bit counterintuitive. When it's quieter the cars can go faster and have greater expectation of being able to pull out etc. Lots of traffic jams means stationary cars.

Glow worm

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Near Newmarket
One thing's for sure- for some reason a heck of a lot of folk in the UK seem to be just getting angrier and angrier by the day. And it seems to be us lot that cop the brunt of the impotent imbecile's ire ;)


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I think it's the folk you meet during holidays are not the normal folk who are used to seeing you every morning at the same spot day in day out! They get a bit confused.
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