Schwalbe Lugano Tyres


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Just put a set of these on my Cube for the winter rides, don't intend riding in the ice with them but does anyone have any experience of them in any other weather conditions?.


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I ran them for ages and had no end of punctures. Others on here run them and have no issues.


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They are my go-to cheap and cheerful tyre, I've raced on them too!

Currently a set on my winter bike, and bike previous to that, that and that

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I'm always amazed at peoples experience/luck with different tyres,never found one that everyone likes,I found luganos were the puncture showcase!we do live in a rural area, Didn't run particularly nice,they are cheap though.

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I found they roll well are comfortable enough and have had good p*ncture protection.

They're not the grippiest in the wet, but better than the Bonty hard cases I had before, but you can't have everything.
They're a good all round tyre for the price.
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