Scott Speedster S20 - alternatives?


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I foolishly allowed myself to be persuaded by my 'mates' to do the London triathlon next year (1500m swim 40k bike 10k run).

I need a bike to train on for said triathlon.

I set out with a £500 budget, not wanting to spend silly amounts of money on a bike before I even know if I'll get into it. But, I'm a bit of a sucker for gadgets.... And before I know it I find myself looking at the Scott speedster s20.

I now have my heart set on a 105 set up sub 9kg! I also feel more comfortable riding on the drops and so want STI shifters not ones with the silly short lever you can't change gear from the drops with! Is the 105 set up the only one with long gear change levers?

I need to get on and buy a bike so I can start training but I don't have the £879 needed to purchase said S20. I'd like to stick nearer the original budget. Can anyone help me with cheaper alternatives? I'm happy to look at older models on sale or even second hand....

There seem to be so many options out there ive no idea how to decide!
Thanks for your advice!


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Shimano Tiagra has the same shifters type as 105 ie you can shift up or down on the drops. It will also be easier to find a Tiagra bike in your budget , there are good deals to be had on last years models at this time of year. 2013 models start appearing in shops about now.

Have a look at this and the other clearance bikes at Winstanley Cycles
Whatever you get make sure it fits you an incorrect sized frame will ruin your enjoyment of the bike.
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