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Hi. After acquiring my latest bike (Specialized Secteur) I find myself in the position (again) of having too many bikes, and not enough space. The Missus thinks that a trike, a road bike, a mountain bike AND a hybrid is unnecessary(!?)

I bought the Scott around a year ago, and it was absolutely mint. The previous owner said he'd only done a couple of hundred miles on it, which looked to be the case. I've done around 700-800 miles on it, so mechanically it's in very good condition. Cosmetically, it's not perfect. There are a few slight marks on the frame in the 'usual' places, and a small tear on the seat. The only thing that's not of the standard 2012 spec (I think it's the 2012 model, but not 100% sure) are the pedals. These are what came with the bike as the previous owner removed the SPDs he'd fitted. I also fitted SPDs. but have removed them for the Secteur and put the ones that came with the Scott back on. They're functional, but that's about it.

The tyres are, rear-Marathon Plus 700x32 very little wear and front Continental Gatorskin 700x23 which I'd say is about 1/3rd worn. Also comes with the white Zefal bottle holder.

I live in Scawthorpe, 2 miles north of Doncaster, and any viewing/test ride is welcome. Looking for around £175 ono, which I think is very reasonable for a low mileage example of a bike that's £450 new. Cheers, Carl.

Some Pics!

Please note, on the last pic (above) the grey 'patch' is just sticky gluey reside. It'd be barely noticeable if it weren't for the flash camera.
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