Sealing a concrete driveway


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Bitumen paint often does not set rock hard, and can be a little soft when hot, as for levelling with paint, not sure what you mean there.


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small areas where the concrete has pitted after chunk wore away after frost got into it maybe 5 mm= 1 cm deep
Would paint set if it was 10mm thick, maybe a twin pack would but not sure of an air drying one. I think we need an expert on this one, hopefully they will be along soon.


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My car standing is getting tatty an uneven where to frost has got in and i want to seal it .
I am thinking of using bitumen paint for shed roofs or is it too thick and would i be better using a drive seal paint like this ?
I intend to fill uneven areas with paint to level it out
Epoxy resin to fill hole, then a sealer that is suitable depending on what you actually want (post is a little unclear).


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No it won't, paving expert is a sales pitch wanting your business with helpful advice.

It's a good site and very good for helping people pick contractors and good product advice.
What a pity.
Its so much, it used to be full of advice for DIY, wonder if he sold the domain?
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