Sealskinz Midlength Midweight Waterproof Socks

Spiky Simon

Bought these for our recent week-long tour of the Highlands as, having seen the weather forecast, I didn't fancy wet feet the whole way around. they're not cheap (25 quid or so) and I was a bit skeptical about how effective they'd be -- would they be waterproof? Would my feet just end up getting all sweaty anyway? they were actually really good -- we had a couple of days of solid rain and my feet remained pretty much dry and warm, while my g/f's feet (with some "water resistant" overshoes on) got soaked and cold. I had heard reports of water leaking down the top of the sock, but that didn't seem to be a problem for me. They're multi-layered and do feel a bit odd to put on, but once on feel comfy -- I was pretty pleased with them and I'm sure they'll be pretty good in winter, too.


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You had the nice socks your girlfriend didn't

Next you'll be telling us 'you had the road bike and your girlfriend had the shopper bike with basket :smile:

Pat "5mph"

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Thanks for the review.
25 quid for a pair of socks, thought .... don't you need a fresh pair every day?
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