Searching for Leicester trails

I'll be doing an off road duathlon in Yorkshire in November which has a pretty hilly course route. It's the Haworth mudman if anyone knows it. I know the route and was planning on going up a few times in the summer for family visits and to train for it on the actual bike course. Due to not having a car (epic MOT failure) and probably not having one until school starts again making weekday visits impossible I'm looking for trails in or around Leicester. I won't be able to match the hills but I'm hoping to look at improving my technical skills on local trails. I'll train for the hills on my road bike by riding over to Loughborough on early weekend mornings and hitting the hills there.

Can anyone recommend any Leicester trails. I live just south of the city.



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hello i live north of the city and although cant help much for trails other than swithland wood
wat i can vouch for is that hills are plenty around the cropston newtown linford area these are road hills but may help with the training

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Cheers, I've been pointed to the north of the city on here in the past. Road hills are fine for hill training as the lighter weight of the bike is countered by the higher gear ratios of the road bike.
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