Seat post Can I turn it around?

I ask this question purely because I have purchased a Saddle which is quite a lot shorter in length than my previous one Meaning that I can't mount the fixing for my Topeak saddle pouch The fixing is secured on the saddle rails as you are aware . I wonder if anybody else has done this successfully?



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Surely you would end up with your saddle way too far forward?

You would have to push the saddle right back. I would worry about hitting a bump in the road with my weight that far behind the clamp. (It might produce a big twisting force on the clamp?)


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Get an inline seat post? Then with the saddle in the same place relative to the rest of the bike you would have more rail sticking out at the back to attach your fixer.

It's the same principle as you are suggesting, but less extreme. If you turn your existing post round you will have gone from layback to layforward - inline would be half way in between.
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So I get an Aluminium Inline seat post and work from there? I only got this problem as changed saddles, After some major scar tissue was discovered on one side of the inner buttocks I had a Fizik Arione R3 134mm as it was too narrow and changed it for a Fizik terra Argo X5160mm after measuring sit bones Though the main problem is as I pointed out in the first post Its a lot shorter than the Arione So had to keep bringing the Argo forward so I could actually sit on it hence not any room for topek saddlebag fitting Thanks.
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