Second bike purchase


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Currently got an allezc2, but looking to get something a bit better.

Got £1000-£1500 to spend

Do a few triathlons and long rides at weekends.

Any advice would be great


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What's wrong specifically with the Allez? What needs to be better? Better wheels for £300 or less can transform a bike

If you are looking for the highest component spec for the least cash, look at Planet X, e.g.

However, you would be well advised to visit your local bike shops and see what they have for your budget, test ride some (Evans are good for this), get some advice :smile:


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^^^^ What Vickster says
I have a 7 or 8 year old allez elite & have also just bought the Planet X bike linked in her post. Although the PX bike feels smoother & faster, my times suggest that it is no faster than my Allez.
I recently had a pair of handbuilt wheels for the Allez, not the lightest, 36 spokes front & rear, but they seem to transfer power better & my times improved with them, but it was towards end of summer & it could have just been the peak of my fitness for the year :thumbsup:
If you are still running the stock wheels on the Allez it's certainly worth upgrading them.


Well I managed to wreck my allez elite in three and a half years. Part of that was keeping it in a shed I reckon, the rest was the amount of wear it had. There was some cracking of the carbon at the top of the fork and I think it was caused by the steerer corroding - which made me question its safety. The headset bearings were also quite rough. What put the tin lid on it though was that I broke one of the cable guides when trying to change the cables. The metal cap had bonded to the guide and the aluminium in the guide had deteriorated so it fell apart when I tried to remove the cable.

Having said that it owed me absolutely nothing. It was an £850 bike that I got a few months old in 2010 pretty much unused for £540 on ebay. I got £130 for it in the condition it was in. So over 12,000 miles and a life-changing amount of exercise, hard work and fun later it must rank as the best purchase I ever made.

I've just bought a tarmac on the basis that the allez really worked so it is worth sticking with the same brand / size. The cheapest new tarmac is the sport at £1500. Last year's sport might be available for around £1200 to £1300 but it will have the older 10 speed 105 rather than the new one.


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2014 Cube Agree GTC carbon road bike at Chain Reaction Cycles, currently 32 % off at £818.99 & a brand new bike, 10 speed Shimano Tiagra.

Or there are higher spec/lighter versions such as the GTC Pro with 105 or the SL & SLT to consider with different discounts & spec.

Spend the rest on lightweight fast wheels such as Campagnolo Zonda's or similar & have yourself a stonking light, fast bike.
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Just been shown this on another thread which sounds perfect for you:

Cube Agree GTC Di2 SLT
Full Carbon Fibre
Ultegra Di2

It's that discounted that you could probably sell it on in 12 months and get most of your money back!
"£2799 reduced to £1499; 32% discount, saving over £900" I think £1499 is a misprint and is meant to be £1899, which seems to be confirmed further down the page next to the sizings.


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Someone else mentioned this on the other thread, I checked with them today and they confirmed the £1499 price is correct and reckon they've fixed the error this morning.

A mate of mine has just got one, will let you know how he finds it.


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Wait. Your first bike was less than one and half grand? What is this place turning into, the poor mans corner? Your first bike needs to be over two grand, then we'll talk about your second bike. Allez, puh!

Please congratulate me on the most unhelpful post ever then ignore it and take the advice from the other posters. I'm just in a silly mood today. :biggrin:

But really, I think you just want a new bike for the hell of it and are looking for excuses (ahem, reasons) to buy one. I work in marketing and that's how advertising works.
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