'Secret' Cycle Event in London


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Cycle Week promotion in Leicester Square - 23rd June 2010, 7am

On Wednesday 23rd June, there will be a mock cycle race in Leicester Square between Heart FM’s Jamie Theakston and Olympic Cyclist Victoria Pendleton.

The “race track" will pass through the north-west to north-east gates of Leicester Square Gardens and along the north terrace, close to the railings. The gardens will remain closed to the public.

This event is not being advertised and apart from attracting the attention of passing public, no crowd or spectator interest is anticipated. An Outside Broadcast truck will be parked inside the Gardens and noise will be kept to a minimum.

Event plan is as follows:

5am - Set up begins, rubber flooring applied to the North Terrace and between gates.

6am - The cycle area will be secured using lightweight plastic barriers, and flags installed in the Gardens promoting Cycle Week.

6.45am - 5 stewards will be on site to protect the filming area.

7-7.30am - The mock cycle race will take place; any retakes will be filmed within this pre-determined half-hour slot.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Westminster City Council Special Events Manager Helen Preece on 020 7641 2390.


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5am? Does such a time exist, Grasshopper?


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LOL - Indeed. Guess they must have to keep it sort of quiet to get the go ahead from Westminster....
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