Selfie with a deer .... how thick can you get ?

Inc one with a baby just how thick can you get?

The best quote has to be "It's crazy. It's not a petting zoo.
In cairngorm the reindeer hang around the car park scrounging tit bits off the tourists. Whilst I'd be a touch cautious with deer as I would with a herd of cows, I'd not be unduly fearful
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Personally, i always have a self preservation respect for wild animals that are bigger than me, and especially ones that have body piercing horns, teeth or antlers.
This seems to be beyond many people, especially those filming with a smartphone. But i'll happily watch their comeuppance on Youtube.
You get this on Exmoor. You'll be sat in a carpark eating a sandwich admiring the ponies 20 yards away then a group of idiots will walk right up to them and cause them to run off so nobody can see them.

Mrs M

Selfie ish eejits with zero respect for these majestic creatures :angry:
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