Serious diagnosis

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There's no doubt about it! I have the sore throat, the cough, the headache, the blocked nose, the burning eye sockets and slightly aching limbs.

I have... ... ... MAN FLU!!!!! xx(xx(xx(:thumbsup:


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Aw. Has poor Fatbloke got an ickle cold then? :thumbsup:

There's nothing for it, hospitalisation and a month of being fed cake in bed.

I would help, but my leg's just fallen off, and I've got bubonic plague, so it's making work a bit harder and I can't spare the time, what with also needing to run the country and abolish world poverty...

Seriously, though... get well soon.:thumbsup:


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wafflycat said:
Do you want me to come and rub your chest with Vick?

Big Bren

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I can feel the start of a bout of man-flu coming on myself - my wife is already stocking up on rich tea and sympathy and has prepared the kids to fend for themselves for a week whilst she devotes herself to full-time nursing care.

Horrible business the man flu - I'd like to offer my condolences to your family, just in case.

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