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I've been using my 2013 Voodoo Bizango as a project to learn some bike maintenance. So far I've done my bottom bracket (ok with some help on this one), serviced the brakes and serviced the front forks.

I have some movement on my front wheel so I was thinking of servicing the wheel bearings, but I have to say I'm not sure where to start. This is the wheel, so could anyone give me some pointers on how to service the bearings as its not clear to me how I'd go about it.


If its of any help this is the bike -
Thanks for any help


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You probably don't need to service them. The movement you can feel is most likely down to the cones coming loose. On some hubs there is no locking nut, the cone is just friction held in place when you tighten the hub Q/R. As far as I can see that is the type you have
Hold the other end and screw it in until you feel resistant then back it out a little.
You can of course remove the axle and repack the bearings with fresh grease if you wish.


Great thanks. I'll check in the morning.
So would I be right in thinking this is cup and cone....with the bearings not sealed?


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Thats a though axel and will be cartridge bearings. Get a needle nose plier on the end of the end caps (wrapped in a cloth) and give them a tug. They pop off.

If you find play in the cartridge bearings, you'll need new - stick finger in mddle and see if you get wobble. Simple to replace.

Show some pics after the end caps are off - if the axel is proud of the bearing, use a block of wood and tap the end to pop the opposite side bearing out, then repeat.

Note the numbers on the seals, and order on-line for replacements


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The hubs are likely Quando or Formula. They are quite generic. I have formula hubs on my Boardman. I've been able to pop the end caps off and using a pin, pop the seals of the cartridge bearings and re-grease. The rear developed play and the non-drive side bearing had worn, very easy to remove bearings and press back in.

You need a little more patience pressing back in as you don't want to damage them. If you are careful you can drift them in with a suitable sized socket (same side as the outer edge of the bearing) and using wood and a hammer tap in. I prefer some threaded bar and a couple of nuts and washers now (B&Q for less than £10) and you can make a decent bearing press.
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does anybody know where i can get these bearings.the number on the seal is t8307-lblu the make is xero.i have tried all the usual sites and the number never comes it possible that there is another number i cant see.i have not removed the bearing just cleaned and regreased them.
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