went to sigma sport(kingston) yesterday on a whim and ended up placing an order for a seven vacanza(touring bike) i was very pleased with the depth of knowledge the guys have on custom builds there...i simple can't wait for my bike! anyone out there ever ordered from them? anyone out there own a seven?


I suppose it was impossible to take advantage of the currently favourable exchange rate.....i.e. still charged the full asking price in £, even though it's $2 to the £?

What delivery time were you given? I was contemplating a titanium Axiom frame, but not sure can justify an additional £1,000 over an 'equivalent' Enigma, and would probably only go for it if a drastically shorter wait.


i was told about 8-10 weeks, i did'nt fancy the faff of doing an order over the phone to get it cheaper i don't trust myself to get the order right and i want to be able to go somewhere if there are any problems. i looked at the axiom as they have one in the window...lovely bikes!
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