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bianco said:
Talking about toddlers,

I was going down a one way street on the way to my in laws this weekend, and this toddler stepped out in front of me.

Didn't expect it as he was with his parents so had to hit the brakes hard
So would you have run him over if no-one was watching? :blush:


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Some noises seem to get through earphones better than others. Bells don't, but if you can maintain a squeak on your brakes that tends to make them move.


Brake squeak is awesome on shared paths! Shame it just doesn't happen now I'm using calipers rather than v's or canti's where I can't seem to set them up without it...


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Ah, this is the bit in the traditional 'bloody pedestrians' thread where I dig out the reference to my favourite Local Transport Note (now saved in the useful links sticky in Campaign):

LTN 2/04 - Adjacent and Shared Use Facilities for Pedestrians and Cyclists
Useful guidance on when shared use is appropriate and what standards are needed if this is to be done.

in particular note:
Annex D: Code of Conduct Notice for Cyclists
which very usefully states that: Ride at a sensible speed for the situation and ensure you can stop in time. As a general rule, if you want to cycle quickly, say in excess of 18 mph/30 kph, then you should be riding on the road.


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Being a cyclist, I'm very aware when I'm a pedestrian about where the cycle lane is. I'm also training my Mum whenever she comes up to York, and we're getting there.. Mind you, people have said that I'm the only 38 year old they know who still follows the Green Cross Code...

Thing is most people, once they are on foot, think "pedestrian = pavement", and so they treat a shared segregated path as a pavement and wander at will, not thinking about cyclists... I just expect to go slower around them..
things would be a lot simpler if everybody just used a keep left pass right attitude on the paths and did away with the pedcycle markings. have painted arrows on each side clearly pointing the direction of travel, and if you have to pass someone, move across to the right-hand side. if there's already somebody coming the other way, just bloody wait.

'shared' cycle paths markings just confuse muppets.
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