extimus uero philosophus
Thought I was going to end up on the deck again today. Been good here for riding lately, everyone nice and placid the past few days but this afternoon whilst I rode at 23mph with oncoming traffic and poor road surface to my left - my being about 7-80cm out, not primary just a strong secondary.. most drivers were fine and gave me space overtaking, however one woman driver didnt and it scared the bejeesus out of me.

I actually had to lean the bike to the left to avoid her and swerve in, all instictively done, plus the "STEADY ON!" shout.

So 5 seconds later I roll up at the same set of lights as her, but its not safe to say anything as they are changing green. We head the same way and at the next set of lights I see them changing red. Theres space on the left to stop and speak, something I really felt I needed to do.

So politely I lean down and say "Look I'm not meaning to have a go, but you need to leave about 3 feet of space when overtaking me." I was slightly flustered, "me" should have been "cyclists" or "us". She says "sorry" but I can see she didnt understand what she'd done so I just leave it with "you came really close to having me off there."

And off I went, walking down the pavement. Still baffled as to why she would do something so stupid. Its not rocket science, and I was on her tail for 1/4 of a mile in the end.
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