Shimano 10 Speed Chainset - 9 Speed Compatibility?

Cletus Van Damme

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I was just curious if a Shimano 10 speed 105 triple chainset would be compatible with the Shimano 9 speed stuff on my Secteur. I was just thinking of possibly changing my Shimano FC-R453 triple chainset that I am guessing is pretty heavy as is the BB-ES25 bottom bracket that I have fitted. I know that this is not going to make it any faster (I am not a great cyclist anyway) but I like changing things. If they do not work it is fine I will just leave it as I have no intention of paying out for a new groupset as the Tiagra stuff works great. Thanks for any help.


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I don't see why not (assuming your Tiagra STI is a triple).... people often run 3rd party/alternative chainsets with Shimano groupsets, since Shimano refuse to acknowledge bb30 (at least they did, do they still refuse to make anything that fits bb30 without a converter?), people often run all Shimano kit with a chainset from SRAM, Vision, FSA etc. I am running a Vision Tri Max Pro chainset (double) with a 105 front mech and DA bar end shifters.

If you were talking about cassette's thats a different story and you would need a new rear mech and 10 spd STI (any of the following: new Tiagra, 105, Ultegra, DA).
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