Shimano 105 brake adjustment

Keith Smith

I have a road bike with a Shimano 105 group set, and I want to adjust my brakes for the natural wearing down of the pads in order to minimise the brake lever travel. So far, I have adjusted the cable where it connects to the caliper by winding it out slightly. This has moved the blocks closer to the rim. The only problem now is centering the blocks, as one side is closer to the rim than the other. Can anyone show me how to do that, with pics if possible?

Thank you kindly! :thumbsup:

jonny jeez

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Should be a small screw hole (Allen key) on the top of the calliper, close towhere it sits on the frame of the bike.

turn that and the the calliper will centralise (or move left and right)

the pic is wrong but you can see the Allen hole on the right, yours should be similar


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its likely that the caliper has just moved around slightly.. grab it and turn it one way or the other. if its easy to turn do up the nut on the fixing bolt (best to loctite it as well)
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