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So after deciding that my next purchase for my bianchi is to get an upgrade to shimano 105s (campag only on bianchi people need not churp up) the only decision left is which style. so is there any actual diffrence between the black and the polish metal or is it just prefrence? intrested to hear peoples thoughts on this.

jack smith

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None at all ive got the 105 group with silver mechs on sale at the moment personally i think it looks too classic for the bike i ride in silver, but the main reason is because i prefer sram.


People simply choose which looks nicer on the specific bike. What colour/model is the bike in question?

I have a Bianchi Sempre Pro Ultegra. I don't care about the Campag only BS either. I only have a few pin stripes of Celeste on my otherwise predominantly Matte Black frame too.

I do have Campag wheels though, which confuses those complainants as it runs a Shimano freehub to work with the Ultegra groupset. :smile:


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I got the silver/pewter 105 on my commuter. It looks very nice, and is a superb performer, a brilliant all rounder. Performance wise all Ultegra or Dura bring is the loss of a few more grams.


I think that you could get away with either option on yours @RedBullet judging by your current setup. Either would work well with the Red. I would probably choose the Black version of 105 to set off the Red.
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