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I have bought a new Shimano chain that has come with a pin connector...I have been advised that chain is the correct chain for my 16 speed road bike. I have some sram power links and wondered if I can use my sram links as an alternative to the pin?



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Dont think so if your running an 8 speed groupset


the black sram powerlink is for 10 spd and not re-usable. But you can get SRAM or KMC links for 8 speed which will fit and are re-usable.


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If they will close properly I don't see why not. I would use a KMC link myself - come to that I would have bought a KMC chain (quicklink included)
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Thanks for the replies...Heres the chain I was advised would fit my current set bike set up..

I was also advised that these would fit it?

It was my understanding that the SRAM power links won't/don't work on a Shimano chain?
It will work perfectly.

There is some confusion regarding the term PowerLink. That is SRAM's brand name for its 10-speed non-reusable master link. It is easily recognizable because it is the only black master link on the market. All these links are generically known as master links but brand names exist, notably Missing LInk from KMC and PowerLink from SRAM. They are all compatible as long as the link is the right "speed" i.e. 6,7 or 8-speed (these three chains are all the same width), 9-speed, 10-speed or 11-speed.

Although you can make a wider link fit on a narrower chain, the link will hit the adjacent sprocket as it moves through that area. Most of these link, with the exception of Wipperman's links are also reversible and it doesn't matter which way faces what direction. Wipperman's link is directional.
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