Shimano Deore XT 48 thoughts - OR cycle repair shop in London or Middlesex


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I have inherited a Griffan (or Griffon) (the brandname is script on the bike so not clear) hand-built bike with the above gears (from a once-upon-a-time cycling obsessive who can no longer cycle - so it will have been a good bike in its day).

When I ride it and change gear it's a bit clunky but i can get it in gear and it then cycles fine for me.

However, when my moany old cycling-reluctant boyfriend rides the same bike (not fast as I'm cycling slowly in front) we can both hear the gear slipping even though he's not changing the gear from the one I was using just fine. Its slightly large for me so i gave it to the BF in the hope he'd take to cycling with love and passion.

Any thoughts appreciated - it was suggested to me that "when you change gear and the chain is meant to jump onto the next cog - it's almost like it is too close to the frame" (not sure i've got that wording correctly).

OR otherwise if anyone has knowledge of any London/Middlesex/Surrey based cycle repair shops who have specialised knowledge. I would prefer someone who has good knowledge and experience of these gears to a cycle repair shop that doesn't - and have rung around locally so though i'd put it to this forum for ideas.

All thoughts appreciated. I hope this is the right place to ask.

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Maybe it's a Bob Griffin.
But never mind that, any normal (ie high street or near high street) local bike shop will be able to identify any problem that exists and fix the gears. This is absolute bread and butter for them.
You might care to share with us how many rings it has at the front, how many sprockets at the rear, any markings or names on the derailleurs (front and rear which the chain goes through), where the gear change levers are, and what the shape of the handlebars is.
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