Shimano FH-4500


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Hi guys,
I have a shimano FH-4500 hub on the back of the bike I just bought, I am looking at upgrading the group set, and was wondering if I can get a 9 speed cassette on there?
A website says I can, but it only has a 7 speed on at the moment, so was looking for a little clarification, as I don't want to buy a group set, then have to buy new wheels straight away too!

Thanks for any help.
you sure that's the correct model number? If it is FH-4500, then it should already be 8/9 speed compatible...


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Yeah, that's what is printed on there.
After a close inspection, there does seem to be a big gap between the biggest (in size) cog and the spokes...if that makes sense? Maybe there is a spacer in there? Do they even exist?

I guess I will have to buy some tools and take it off to find out really, seems promising though.
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