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On my Trek Madone 4.9 2010 i have a Ultegra Front Derailleur but ive just recieved a email showing Shimano Dura Ace front derailluers in the sale on Chain reaction cycles and im thinking of picking one up as they are at quite a good price but im not sure what size band/clamp i require?

I'd really appreciate if anyone could throw some light onto the matter,they only sell 3 sizes on the website also and the product link is below:



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The size refer to the diameter of the seat tube.

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Far be it from me to try and talk someone out of blinging up their bike, but in practical terms swapping from an Ultegra to a DA front mech will make as much difference to it's performance as shaving a single hair from your leg would to your aerodynamics.

However, if you know that already and just want to make the bike look good, then go for it...


Does your current f.m. bolt on to the band with bolt as shown in link? if so braze on. If not, seeing as madone is cf I suspect it's the 34.9 you'll need - take yours off and the size is stamped inside the band.

Alternatively, save yourself £55, stop being a bike tart, and ride what you've got ;)
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