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I have an old Ribble R4 montain bike equipped with Deore LX groupset. The chain is now totally worn out. I bought a chain yesterday which is Shimano HG compatible. It was only when i looked closely at the chainset on the bike, that i saw it recommended Shimano IG only. Are the 2 compatable or am i going to have to source an IG only chain. Thanks for your help


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Shimano's Interactive Glide chains are slightly narrower (by 0.2mm, e.g. see here) compared to their HG/UG chains (i.e. 0.1mm each side), and it is of the same width as most SRAM/KMC 7/8 speed chains.

I very much doubt that you will encounter any problem - chainsets are rarely chain width sensitive, the reason is because a chain's inner width is quite a bit wider than the tooth of a chain ring - so chain rings have to be far apart enough to ensure the chains don't rub on the adjacent rings, especially given the gap also has to accommodate changes in chain line in different gears at the back. Because of that, a mere 0.1mm difference in outer width on each side of the chain has to be of little if any consequence.

Actually a more common concern is in using a modern narrow chain with an old chainset (in case the narrow chain falls in between the chain rings) - I use a 9 speed chain on an early '80 5/6 speed chainset, and have never had any problem whatsoever.

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