Shimano Sora or Tiagra Shifters?

As part of the process of deciding if I need a new bike and if so, which one, I am considering The Trek 1.2 versus Trek 1.5.

The 1.2 has Shimano Sora shifters and the 1.5 Tiagra shifters. Would I notice much difference? The Sora seems to have a small knob/lever, whereas the Tiagra has a small additional lever parallel to the brake lever.

Which to go for? There is about £150 difference in price.


app the tiagra are better and easier to use ,,iv got sora on mine and the wee lever that u use for going down the cogs is sometimes not in the best place if ur hands are elsewhere ,,however if u do most of ur riding on the hoods then sora is fine ,,otherwise if ur in the drops a lot then id imagine theyr not ideal work well enough though ,,i think the deciding factor is hood riding (and cost of course hahahah)


I've got Sora shifters on one bike and Tiagra on the other. I have never, I confess, wanted to shift to a smaller cog when on the drops and, even if I did want to, the thumb-switch is significantly closer than the down-tube shifters I grew up with.

Which you prefer will be a factor of the time you spend on the drops. If you spend much time on them, then you might get frustrated but I prefer the thumb-switch of the Sora set-up.
I spend most of the time on the drops and have no problem shifting either way with Sora. If you have small hands then maybe it would be a problem. It depends how important £150 is to you. Also isn't Tiagra 10-speed nowadays?
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