Shimano/Sunrace compatibility.


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Hi all,

I posted a technical query regarding replacement freehub compatibility last week, which was very ably answered by a forum user. Along the same lines, I now have another query which I hope one of you kind folk might be able to help with.

Having established that the freeehub body does not actually need replacing after all (it was another component that was at fault), I am trying to confirm whether my current freeehub body which is a Sunrace unit, will accept a Shimano cassette?

The current cassette is also Sunrace, and is an 11-25 nine speed. With a trip to Mont Ventoux coming up, I am hoping to fit a Shimano HG 80 11-28 replacement as bit of extra insurance on the climb. Although I have found a Sunrace 11-28 on eBay, they look a bit cheap and don't appear to be available for about a month (coming from China I suppose).

Found the HG 80 at a couple of places online for about £20, which seems like a good price...........but not if it won't fit my freeehub body.

Any of you guys able to fill in the blanks with this one please? Thanks in advance.


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You'll be fine with any Shimano/SRAM or compatible - I have an SLX HG 80 11-28 on my Felt F95.

Note: I would order a new chain at the same time - I suspect it'll need another link.
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