Shimano ultegra 6700 105 5800 compatibility


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Hello everyone!

Long story short the bike has full ultegra 6700 but I'm changing the crankset to 105 5800, will the 6700 front brifter and front derailleur be compatible?

i've read the new R7000 wouldn't work due to spacing between the rings...

Cheers, Jonny

Smokin Joe

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There would have to be one hell of a difference in spacing to give you a problem. You won't have one.


Hi Jonny,

I've read the same thing about the R7000 - apparently they've shifted the inner ring slightly to improve chainline which makes it incompatible with older front mechs. In practice I don't know 'how' incompatible it would be, as I ran an R8000 chainset on my turbo bike for a while with an R5800 front mech with no problems, although with it being a turbo bike I rarely shifted between rings and may not have noticed any problems if they existed.

The brifters will be compatible whatever you choose as the cable pull ratio will not have changed :okay:
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