Shimming carbon seatpost?


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I'm quite enjoying my new RT-58, it's notably more comfy than my ally Trek in terms of road 'buzz'. That said, I was thinking of replacing the supplied ally seatpost with a carbon one. Ideally this would be a Specialized CGR for maximum comfort, but they only do it in a 27.6mm diameter post, and the one on the RT-58 is a 31.6mm. So, can I, and indeed should I, shim the post to fit? Or should I buy something else like an Easton EC90?


Shim it if you like, but I think you'll find that the carbon post will make no noticeable difference to the ride. I'd just keep on with the ally one.

jack smith

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go for it i use a shim in my carbon frame when using my carbon ritchey post, i do notice a difference in buzz between my carbon and alloy post so the specialized one would be a good choice


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Just use a regular Easton carbon post; you'll find it smooth enough. I've had one for years on my hardtail. Shimming is a bit of a bodge really.

Have a look at eXotic from Carbon Components; their stuff is good.
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