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I was looking for some cheap clothing and noticed the Muddyfox range on sports direct. They have some very cheap cycling shoes and I have head that shoes make a big difference.

I ride a Trek 7.1 FX Hybrid if this makes any difference to the choice - which look the best there?

Also, I see that some base layers are 'tech' and some are 'thermal' - does it matter which type I get? Can you use a base layer without having a jersey over the top?

I have my helmet sorted and use some padded under shorts to go below my regular shorts. I plan to buy the Dunlop Cycling gloves from sports direct also (£5) and I am going to get a hi-viz waistcoat for night riding - is this enough?

Thanks for the link, just ordered a load of stuff on there. I have a pair of Shimano shoes, but they are not the sort you can walk around in, so I have ordered a pair of the Muddyfox Tour TBS100's.

Gloves will certainly help, especially on longer rides, as I tend to get pins 'n' needles after about 25-30 miles, but Ive just put on new Ergon GP5 grips so they should help too. I ride a Boardman Hyrbid, and my Dad rides a bike similar to yours, a Trek 7.3 fx.

I have dual purpose pedals on mine, as I use it for my short commute to work, so normal pedal side for wearing my work shoes, then SPD clips on other side for when I wear my cycling shoes. Cycling shoes really do make a difference, especially uphill.

I only just started cycling about 2 months ago, so new to it all myself.

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technical tops usually feature wicking to draw sweat away from your body which helps regulate body temprature, not all thermal tops feature wicking as such they may keep you warm but can equally turn into sweat soaked items. Tech base layers all the way for me


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You can certainly wear a base layer without a jersey if you're warm enough, just bear in mind jerseys have useful rear pockets and front zips for venting air while base layers don't - often they're of the same material as a companies jerseys but this lack of pockets and zips makes them cheaper.

Shoes can make a difference but you need to think about which pedals you want to use, perhaps get a bit more practiced on the bike in your regular shoes and standard pedals before thinking about that.

Gloves are important for comfort, but also protection - your hands are invariably the first thing to hit the ground should you come off, and getting back up is a lot easier when you still have skin on the palms of your hands.


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getting layers right is hard and down to weather and work rate,base wear i use a compression vest,or skins,helly hanson sup a life wicks the sweat,then layer with cycling tops depending on heat ,i use a well vented waterproof coat or waterproof gilet,for bad weather,good base layers last for ever i have had a hh sup a life since 1990 ,
shoes are depending on pedals i buy mine local at lbs and they set them up and adjust as required,costs more but in the long term worth it,
gloves are for many purposes if you wear a pair for comfort against pressure on your ulnar nerve a good pair is imperative,
a good padded pair of shorts that fit snug will bring a joy to your rides so never skimp on these,

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I bought 2 for £14 jerseys from Sports Direct, plus some cycle shorts and tights. The jerseys are ok a bit thin and i've washed one(cool temp) and the reflective paw on the back has come a bit loose, but maybe it'll stay put and for 7 quid they're not bad.:thumbsup: The shorts are fine and i've tried the tights on and they're very warm, and both are good for the price!
I've only ever had one pair of spd cycle shoes, they're Nike ones and they're mountain bike shoes. I tend to do a lot of steep, part cobbled country lanes around here and i hate cycling over cobbles(they shake you to pieces and they hide puncturing objects in the grooves), so i walk instead, and you can't walk far in smooth bottomed road shoes. Plus if you puncture and you have to walk home then....:unsure:
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