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shoes, pedals and cleats

Discussion in 'Components, Accessories and Clothing' started by dezza, 20 Jul 2011.

  1. dezza

    dezza New Member

    I'm confused.

    Do road cycling shoes fit in MTB pedals and vice versa? Do you need to buy the cleats separately from the shoes?

    So as an example can:

    these shoes fit these pedals

    If they don't which pedals do? And then where do the cleats fit in do I still need to buy these cleats?


    I'm going to the store tomorrow anyway but just don't want to look completely clueless when I do.
  2. There is a sticky in General Cycling.

    In short MTB/spd/ Small metal cleats/Two bolt

    Road/spd-sl/Plastic triangular cleat/3 bolt.

    Some shoes cater for both - such as the shoes in the link. The pedals are mtb pedals.
  3. Angelfishsolo

    Angelfishsolo A Velocipedian

    Short answer to question about the linked shoes and pedals - No. SPD-SL and SPD are different. Any SPD shoe will fit any SPD pedal. Any SPD-SL shoe will fit any SPD-SL pedal. You can not mix and match SPD and SPD-SL. This is the best article I have found on the subject.

    Edit - As pointed out the shoes you linked to take both cleat types as if they had SPD cleats they would fit the pedals.
  4. OP

    dezza New Member

    Great thanks, that clears that up a lot. From what I gather it's just a matter of preference whether one goes for SPD or SPDSL, there's no right or wrong, the mountain bike option just gives more flexibility to allow you to go for a walk correct?

    For these options I wouldn't need to buy the cleats then? Are those for attaching to training shoes?

    thanks again, and I'll pay more attention to the FAQ in future.
  5. Angelfishsolo

    Angelfishsolo A Velocipedian

    The cleats come with the pedals (99% of the time). I would not use M520 pedals with trainers. If you want a pedal that you can use with either SPD shoes or trainers look at something like the Shimano A520 instead.
  6. OP

    dezza New Member

    Ah, now thats interesting, so one side of the pedal can be used with trainers and the other side with the mountain bike type shoe (2 bolt) but not the road bike shoe.

    That would work fine on a road bike?
  7. Angelfishsolo

    Angelfishsolo A Velocipedian

    They are the ones I plan to get for mine ::smile:
  8. ian turner

    ian turner Über Member

    As observed earlier the shoes you linked to are road bike shoes with both spd (2 bolt) and spd-sl(3 bolt) mountings so would work with the a520s.
    It's the mountings on the shoes that dictate what cleats you can fit but I suspect only road riders use both.
    Oh and try chainreactioncycles or tredz if you go for the shimano shoes as they are about £10 cheaper
  9. adscrim

    adscrim Über Member

    You may want to consider what the shoe will be like with the cleat attached. If you put and SPD cleat on a road specific shoe, you'll have a small metal celat directly in contact with the ground when walking. You can get round this by using either MTB or touring specifc shoes (some of the Shimano, and other makes, MTB shoes are basically a road shoe with a chunkier tread) or by using a SPD road cleat (basically a plate which sits behind the cleat and holds two piece of tread out to the side).
  10. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    I have some of these http://www.highonbikes.com/wellgo-wpd-m17c-clipless-spd-mtb-touring-bike-pedals.html

    and some of these http://www.evanscycles.com/products...oogle&utm_medium=froogle&utm_campaign=froogle

    If you think you will always want to clip in then I would get dual sided clipless pedals as it can be a bit of pain to have the pedal round the right way - I am not used to clipping in yet, will hopefully get easier, but it means I can just commute in trainers. I have dual sided on the road bike. The cleats on the shoes are fairly well recessed, bit clippity cloppity on rough, uneven surfaces but fine on pavement, hard floor, carpet etc. Road shoes aren't me, too plasticky to be honest but they are stiffer and presumably lighter. These shoes are a bit like a Merrell or North Face walking shoe, will look fine with jeans if needs be etc
  11. Boris Bike

    Boris Bike Well-Known Member

    Are they the same as the Shimano M324 SPD pedals, with one side clipless and the other side for normal shoes?
  12. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    Same sort of thing yes - cleats fit my M (or A?) 520s too
  13. Angelfishsolo

    Angelfishsolo A Velocipedian

    One more thing Shimano shoes are tiny so order a size larger than you normally wear :smile:
  14. mattsccm

    mattsccm Well-Known Member

    If walking is part of your game mtb shoes are the way to go. I wonder how many wizz kid sportive riders walking up hiils in the lakes pondered on this. Legend has it that mtb shoes are softer the road shoes.Buy racey mtb shoes and they wil be as stiff as most road shoes but you can walk in them. You will be limited to 2 bolt cleats ir spd etc.
  15. For comfort on and off the bike I can recommend the Specialized Primo mtb shoe. Shop around and you may get them for under £40