Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Aperitif, 17 Apr 2008.

  1. ...just thought I'd join in...;)
  2. My dog can read - he counts in his head though.
  3. Yeah - 'lit' erature.
  4. Smokin Joe

    Smokin Joe Legendary Member

    Pissed, Mr Paul, pissed.
  5. No - he would never do that.
  6. Were your parents reading at the time - or Birmingham?
  7. ...ah a pond! Filter brimming or just half way up?
  8. tdr1nka

    tdr1nka Taking the biscuit

    and they spawned you!;)
  9. Fishguard? Or just a net...
  10. Speicher

    Speicher Vice Admiral Moderator

    No, it was a sharp pain.
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