Short cage rear mech for 12-25 triple??


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Something happened tonight which caused my 9 speed sora rear mech to try to escape from my bike, unfortunately it tried to make its way through the rear wheel.

So I have ordered a new hanger, New wheels but I need to know wether the rear mech I need is short or medium cage?

It's 9 speed Sora triple with a 12-25 cassette, when looking at the explanation of rear mech size it says short cage will do max 31 teeth or 11-rangdoes that mean I am within the range or is the 12 sprocket going to throw that out?

Also that's not taking in to account the fact it's a triple chain set, so will I need a medium to take up the slack from the small front ring or will I be ok?



I believe a triple chainset requires a medium cage, but I'd wait until some more knowledgeable turns up!


You need the longer rear mech for sure with a triple. 12-25 is good. Make sure you set it up correctly so that doesn't end up in the wheel as well :smile:
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