Short or long valves on inner tubes


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What is the difference between a long and a short valve on a tube? Should I have shor tor long ones? Currently I have a short one on th efront and a long one on the back...the track pump seems to favor the short one though:wacko:;):wacko:

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Long valve are for deep section wheels where the short valve wouldn't extend enough to let you attach a pump.

Stick to short if they work on your wheels, long valves can rattle if there is a lot of them waving in the breeze.


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I think they@re either 44mm or 55mm these days to allow for deeper rims - if the shorter one fits there seems little sense in fitting a longer one!


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Use short ones if you can, i'm sure there will be a gramme or 2 weight saving :smile:


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I mistakenly bought a long valve tube once when I needed a short one. Snapped the damn valve off when fixing a puncture on the roadside.
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