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Can any one tell me where I can get padded shorts that are not to long (above the knee) and are not baggy and not made of lycra?



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You can get padded undershorts then put whatever short you like over the top.


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This ^^ ...or I guess the bagginess of baggy MTB type shorts will depend on the size of your thighs! Go to somewhere like Evans or Decathlon and see what they have that is cycle specific - or Decathlon will do you padded pants / shorts and normal sports shorts

Why no lycra?


I have around 3 (I think) pairs of MTB style shorts (for when going shopping etc) - including humvee's, singletrack etc - all sitting in the back of a cupboard somewhere. The problem with them is that I find them too uncomfortable, and they don't stretch like lycra.

The only solution I could find was to buy some Ronhill bikesters, and cut (and hem) them to the required length. Wearing padded bibs/shorts underneath of course. Look on ebay for a better price.

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I just use padded undershorts and a pair of very thin Ronhill running shorts that I cut the liner out of. They work very well and you cannot tell that you are wearing them as they are so thin.
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