Shorter stem for BMC help pls


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Hello all, non-bike-expert here apologies in advance. I was wondering if I could get some advice... have got hold of a BMC Teammachine SLR03 and want to change the stem to something shorter - currently it's got a 120mm BMC one. Is there a standard size fit for stems or is there only a certain type that I can replace it with? Don't want to spend much if i don't need to. Also, would there be a recommended minimum length of stem or does that not matter so much? Attached a picture of it. Thank you, MFar



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You can have it as short or long as you want it. There are fixed length stems and adjustable ones, they come it anywhere from twenty five quid upwards.
You need to make sure you get the correct diameter for your bars.
Remember a very short stem will make the steering quicker or more twitchy.
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