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Advice please.
I have just tried out my 1st pair of lycra Padded shorts ( Madison ).
Very comfortable to wear, good grip around the legs but the padding didnt seem to cover my backside enough.
One of two conclusions. My backside is way too big, or i need a specific type of short for riding in a fairly upright position on a mountain bike.:whistle:
The padding isn't really to offer comfort to your rear end!

It is more to offer protection and comfort to your groin and sit-bones.

Read this:

Stevei T

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Dayvo thanks for the link.
Raindog the label was at the back.
Addictfreak, I'm hurt! but then who doesnt look like a barge arse in padded shorts. Mind you it looks impressive from the front.
Gavintec, not sure about the gender of my shorts, but my buds do say im starting to nag a lot.
Thanks guys.


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Try a few pairs, if necessary use a pair of padded undershorts which you can get at most bike shops.

Personally, I also wear a jockstrap which I find comfortable and keeps things in place.
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