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Quick query... Bought some cheap cycling shorts from Sports Direct. Mistake. Front edge of padding chafes in a very unfortunate way, so lesson learnt there about fit. My question though is about what I need to look for in terms of construction and material. Am I right that there are different fabrics used? Are some better than others? And does that make a difference to what cream I should buy before LEJOG?


the more you spend the better they get, bib shorts much more comfy than shorts

getting the saddle position right is essential for longer rides

assos cream is the best, but there's a few other too, all fine I think


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It always hurts spending money on something you want to just sweat in, also no guarantee a certain short will suit. You don't know until you ride in them and then they can't be returned. If you're not too fussed about appearance then Prendas are good:-

I've got 5 sets of bib shorts from them and they've all been good, they also do decent sizes. I don't know a lot about cyling team kits etc but I think this is the equivalent of buying out of date football strips. You do get some pretty lary logos but the shorts aren't as bad as the tops.
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