Should every immigrant and member of an ethnic minority join the BNP?

For a giggle. Now the rules governing membership policy has been changed opening the way for every immigrant and "non-white indigenous British" person to join it would make for an interesting time for the party. Nick Griffin is usurped by a non-white muslim immigrant :laugh: It would cause chaos in the run up to a general election. Too late for this year. A new party would obviously be ceated but it would be interesting to see.

Disclaimer: While I would never vote BNP and can see through their lies policies in a second they obviously have a right to exist in a democracy and operate in alegalmannerinthe same way as any party.


Rare Migrant
Unfortunately, the two-hour interview as part of the membership process might not be seen as so much of a giggle by the potential members.

(Does anyone know if they (the BNP) have acted on this since?)

Ghost Donkey

That would be quite harsh. If the rules changedand it hapened at an official party place of work such as an office I expect it would still be unpleasent to say the least. Never mind, just a thought.
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