Show us your bike being worked on in your kitchen


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Nope, got a garage !


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I’d get a boot in the hee haws if I brought the bike into the kitchen - I do have a garage though.
Way I look at it is, Garage is a bit chilly & I fitted the kitchen so I’ll do what I like in it, re-built a 350lc in it a few years ago, sink makes a great parts cleaner. That was the only time my Mrs put her foot down, apparently she hates the smell of Castrol R ? Who knew?
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Nope, got a garage !
I've got a garage too, but I brought it in earlier so I could work on it at the same time as helping eldest with homework and CBA taking it back out again.

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I daren't work on my bike in the kitchen.

Years ago my wife was in hospital for a while so, unknown to her, I commandeered the kitchen. Everything went well until she'd been home a few days and noticed some fine lime green spots all over the white walls. I'd been renovating an old Trek mtb and decided to improve its paint splatter job by flicking paint at the frame off the bristles of an old toothbrush. I'd put newspapers on the floor, but never noticed the spots on the walls.


No photos, but a memory.

My first two wheeler, a 16" Hercules, with 20" wheels, was upside down on the kitchen floor. I must have been about 6 or 7 yrs old. My dad was doing some maintenence checks and was pointing out something on the back wheel, by turning the pedals at a fast pace. I leant forward to see better and ... My forehead came in contact with the spinning tyre and burnt away a layer of skin!

Will always remember. It still hurts when I think back.
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