Show us your bodge job.

I can't take any pictures of this one, as I gave away the bike earlier this year (to @Milzy, who passed it on)

The rear mudguard mount (on the guard) rotted out on my old work bike, it was relegated to the garage in 2009 (after replacement by a downgraded Dyna-Tech 755Ti)
Up to its departure, 'rot-proof' green gardening twine still held the rear guard in place
I reckon it had 4 years of usage; '365'

Can just about be seen here

Cycling. 2012. Yellow Bike. 1.JPG
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Not so much a bodge, as money saving....
And an accepted way of repairing, on a bigger scale, with truck mudguards

Back in September 2018, I suddenly got an odd noise from the rear one night (dark; 23:00)
On getting home, I investigated, the rear 'guard had split at the bridge
Mudguards. CGR. 3.JPG

Several small holes were drilled, & 2 sizes of zip-tie found in the shed
4 holes were drilled (cordless was flat)
Mudguards. CGR. 6.JPG

Almost a year later it's still as good as the day it was done
I ought to have silicone the holes, as some grit does get past the zip-ties onto the frame
Mudguards. CGR. 11.JPG


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