Show us your Raleigh?!?


Bought it off a skint mate a couple of years ago for £30 havnt been brave enough to be seen out on it yet thoughIMG_20150909_104500.jpg


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I would, but since my Raleigh Vixen mountain bike needs repairs that would cost about four times its worth, it is headed for the great cycle shed in the sky as soon as its replacement arrives. To be fair, for an elderly beater bought on ebay for £35, it's done a great job of carrying myself and Smallest Boy around for a year and a half with no trouble, and served as my play pen while I learned to maintain a bike myself. I have no idea whether it came from Raleigh's 'troubled years', but I will remember it fondly.

Oh, what the hell, here it is, outside Sainsburys waiting to take me, Smallest Boy and the shopping home. If it were a dog or a horse, you'd call it honest.

raleigh vixen.jpg


Professional layabout here's what I ride when back in the UK, a Raleigh framed, cobbled together 'pub bike'.


Frame was made in Vietnam, according to the sticker on the BB shell .

Single speed, plush ride with those Fat Frank tyres,

Looking forward to some rides back there next week when I start a months hols in Reading, my hometown. Soaks up the Kennet and Thames towpaths where I do most of by jaunts, and out to Silchester is another good one :


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Don`t care if Raleigh are a " Thing " as you put it @*Dusty* But I`m proud of my Airlite 100. Never misses a beat.


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Raleigh are coming back into making decent bikes again, after a while of going down-market.

I'll have to look for a newer pic, but this is my Raleigh Criterium. Needed quite a bit of restoration when I got it, and I still have a few issues with it. I love the full chrome forks though :smile:


Since that picture was taken it's gained a much prettier Stronglight chainset, and some silver hand-built wheels which make it look much nicer. :smile:
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