Show us your steel.....its real...


How much does it cost to Oldham?
853...ohh ohh...
Have you seen the downtube? It's like an early Cannondale! Huge!

Smokin Joe

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Got to love the colour, dressed in Nouvo Record throughout
Triple like.
Gina's 84 Bianchi Sport. I was told it was an 84 when we bought it for $40 but later a forum member Bianchi expert said it was a 1988. Deosn't matter much, beautiful riding bike. Guy wanted $40 to put down on a dept store mtb. I gave him $80 that I had in my pocket. Coworker who probably didn't know it's worth. Did drop some money into it, new rims, sti, few other things. Gina rode it for a few years then after buying a $3,000 carbon fiber bike, she didn't want to ride the new bike. She wanted to stay on the Bianchi saying it was a nicer ride. Later did learn the weight was a factor on 60+ miles so she finally started riding the carbon but refused to get rid on the Bianchi.



In an effort to get back into mountain biking I bought an aluminium framed 29er a couple of years ago. It was a nice bike, but I never really gelled with it, so I cut my losses and sold it on.

It’s now been replaced by this Orange P7, with its Reynolds 520 frame.

Given the massive tyres running at low pressures and a front fork with 100mm + of travel I struggle to understand how, but the ride definitely has that steel ‘feel’ about it.

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