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Hey Everyone,

I am a proud owner of a fully custom bike built and designed by myself!

Here are my specifications for the main components!
Frame: Planet X Pro Carbon
Handle bars: FSA K-Force Carbon
Wheels: Campagnolo Bullet Ultra C50 Clinchers
Group-set: Shimano Ultegra R8000
Saddle: Selle Italia Gel Flow 2017

I’m also rocking Specialised S-Works 6 Road Shoes 2018 and Giro Synthe Helmet!

All other components are high quality but didn’t see much point in adding that to the description. What is your custom?


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I'm working on one that will blow all comers away. To be revealed soon...


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Now, Matthew. Round these 'ere parts you'll find folks won't blow too much smoke up yer bum about yer bike. A brash, proud post about the love of your life you have scrimped and saved for and built up in the spare room all winter will probably only muster a shrug. Don't be offended. Be ready for people saying nothing. They're biting their lips and not saying all the naughty stuff they could be saying. I'm surprised you have got away so lightly so far.
If you want a critique of your bike, there will be a few along shortly.
Is the pink one your runaround?
You see? I was biting my lip so hard it hurt.

I like Skol

Hold my beer and watch this....
I was at a cyclocross race last month and one of the riders was on a bike built from a steel radiator! And then there is THIS. These are custom bikes, not something built from readily available standard parts.
Nice though your bike may be, it is neither unique or 'custom'. Perhaps you could say it is a hand built special?
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